Film Production

AD Media, a quality film production company in India has been producing documentaries, feature films and commercials with the highly experienced crews.
Our creative team makes innovative ad campaigns for the clients that are run on different media.

Media Relations

It is the strongest tool and channel to create constant brand buzz and also consolidate your brand space. We understands the need to build up good media relations for developing suitable corporate image and brand identity.
Our media contacts have been used to give the clients appropriate media coverage for their needs and also the fresh, newsworthy stories for them to bring out on their respective channels of mass communication.

AD Media

Social Media

AD Media, one of the leading PR agencies in India
has a reputation of developing innovative and effective PR strategies
to help corporate develop their own and their brand’s positive image
as also to manage the dwindling reputation of the celebrities.

we offer our time-tested as well as new and creative PR ideas on the following services
Corporate Relations Management
Reputation Management
Issue Management
Crisis Communication
Our event coordination and execution package consists of impact-full conceptualisation down to step-by-step planning, organising, implementation and management of the events. Our customised event management services can be clubbed as: Corporate Events
Press conferences
Product launch parties
Road Shows

Tech-savvy youth are fast becoming the key to Indian politics as a massive surge in first-time voters. Using social networking sites for campaigning is the fastest and surest way to reach the youth. political awareness campaign to reach out to youth voters using socail media. Through social media pages MLAs may provide information about their party and the development work undertaken by them in the last five years.

Innovative approach

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